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Cheongsan Island citron-syrup

Qingshan Citron

Cheongsan Island citron-syrup is made from yuja raised in Slow City Clean Area Cheongsan Island. It is finely ground form except for seeds. You can use it as yuja tea if you put it in warm water, yuja jam if you put it on bread, yuja-saccharide if you use it when you cook, yuja ade if you mix it with carbonic acid. This food can be used in many ways.

weight : 2.4kg

11 benefits of citron


Good for preventing and treating colds

Citron tea is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which is good for preventing and treating colds. Citron tea contains 150mg Vitamin C. It is 10 times the amount of bananas, twice the persimmons, and three times the lemons. Citron tea contains citric acid about 4% of citron. It is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so it helps you recover from the cold. In addition, limonene component helps relieve sore throat and relieve cough.


Help blood circulation and prevention of high blood pressure

Limonene and pectin in citron promote blood circulation, and hesperidin in citron strengthens capillaries to help prevent cerebrovascular disorders, stabilizes blood pressure and prevents hypertension. The old medicine book, a botanical list, says that it is also good for stroke.


Fatigue Recovery

Citron is rich in citric acid and vitamin C, which is good for fatigue recovery, appetite and stress relief. It is a good tea for the modern office workers who are tired and need to relieve stress, study students, and examinees. After a day’s work, a cup of citron tea in the late evening may be a good way to relieve stress and relieve fatigue. A botanical list says, “Eating citron leaves you feeling frustrated, clears your mind, and makes your body lighter”. In fact, there is nothing left from the shell to the seed. Citron has more organic acid than lemon or plum, and is rich in calcium and minerals. Thus, it is effective for fatigue recovery.


Calcium rich

Citron surprisingly contains a lot of calcium, which is good for preventing osteoporosis and skeletal formation of young children. Citron contains 49mg Calcium. It is 3 times the amount of kiwi fruit, and 10 times the amount of banana.


Rich in Vitamin B, good for inflammation

Yuzu is rich in vitamin B1, which is lacking in Koreans lived on rice, and contains more than three times as much vitamin B as oher fruits such as peach, sweet persimmon.


Good for skin

Citron is rich in vitamin C, so it is good for skin beauty, and pectin ingredient is said to be effective in promoting blood circulation, metabolism, and relieving skin itching.


Good for hangover

Citron tea is rich in vitamin C consumed as an alcohol ambassador, so it counteracts alcohol poisoning and is good for removing bad breath caused by drinking.



Citron tea contains a lot of sour citric acid, which helps to secrete digestive fluids and soothes indigestion.


Neuralgia, stroke

Citron tea makes capillaries healthy and promotes blood circulation, which prevents stroke caused by disorders in cerebrovascular disease and has good citron tea effects for neuralgia. It is also rich in vitamin C and carotene, which can help prevent cancer.


Arthritis, rheumatism

Citron tea is beneficial for arthritis and rheumatism. It is also effective for rheumatism because it helps blood flow and relieves pain.


Process of removing odors

Citron wine has long been considered a medicine for treating respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, cough, or removing odors from the stomach. Cut the cleaned citron, put into a bottle, pour soju, seal it, and leave it in a dark, cold place for two or three months. Then it becomes Citron wine.