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Cheongsando Yujacheong
Acne Cabbage Serum
Acne Sprouts Micro Deep Cleansing Foam
Shalala Light Mask Pack
샤랄라빛 마스크팩
아크네 싹가지 마이크로 딥 클렌징폼

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Halang Co.,Ltd is small and medium-sized business, export promising business, female enterprise, technology capacity excellent enterprise 'Today, than yesterday, it is a slogan that is shining more than today

Companies that allow you to make a pleasant beauty life that makes a safe and healthy product every day

Sharala's mask pack is a busy mother, making it pretty, and it was made up to three effects within 5 minutes, and it was parenting mom, working mom, but it is a product that can be used as a teen child with safety

Acne Micro Deep Foam Cleansing contains three natural surfactants, 10 natural, natural, oriental extracts, and four natural oils, for useful product by sensitive skin and troublesome skin,pregnant woman The products of the Halang are effective and more effective as used as they are together

Exporting to 6 countries where we know Halang's good products.