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Cheongsando Yujacheong
Acne Cabbage Serum
Acne Sprouts Micro Deep Cleansing Foam
Shalala Light Mask Pack
샤랄라빛 마스크팩
아크네 싹가지 마이크로 딥 클렌징폼

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Introducing the history of Harang.
Based on 2018, we are planning continuous growth every year, and we are maintaining steady customer trust by researching and developing reliable products.


10 Established Harang Co., Ltd.

10 Certified by the Small and Medium Business          Administration

11 Certified as a female company by Gyeonggi            Small and Medium Business Administration


09 Selected as a resident company of Gyeonggi-        do Women's Competency Development                  Center

10 Venture company certification

11 Obtained ISO 9001 certification

Export to Vietnam


07 Obtained Chinese sanitary permit 

07 Acquisition of health report in Vietnam

Export to Kazakhstan


Selected as a promising export small business

Certificate of Excellent Technology Capability


Export to singapore


Export to Indonesia 


Export to UAE