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Cheongsando Yujacheong
Acne Cabbage Serum
Acne Sprouts Micro Deep Cleansing Foam
Shalala Light Mask Pack
샤랄라빛 마스크팩
아크네 싹가지 마이크로 딥 클렌징폼

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    Don't worry and use Harang products!

    With a patented manufacturing method, it is a non-irritating grade that produces three effects within 5 minutes, and can be used by sensitive skin and adolescent children.

Cheongsando Yujacheong
Acne Cabbage Serum
Acne Sprouts Micro Deep Cleansing Foam
Shalala Light Mask Pack

Today than yesterday

Tomorrow brighter than today

Non-irritating mask pack with fast effect

3 effects (skin tone up, moisture recharge, sebum removal) in a short time (within 5 minutes)

Safe cleansing with natural ingredients

- Clean face with 3 safe natural surfactants
- Containing expensive eggplant extract 'Lupeol'
- More moist with hyaluronic acid
- Safe face wash with 10 types of extracts and 4 types of natural oils

Excellent serum for skin soothing

Acne Cabbage is a serum containing 81.55% aloe vera and cabbage grown in Jeju to soothe red and sensitive skin.

Check carefully and use!

I will use it directly on my skin, so check it carefully!

Please use the product features and these people to solve your curiosity!

Can busy modern people see the mask pack effect quickly?

Harang's mask pack is a non-stimulating daily pack that produces three effects (skin tone-up, moisture charging, and trouble management) in a short time (within 5 minutes).

Is the time to apply and dry short?

Even busy modern people can use it in the morning and evening for washing their face due to the short application drying time (within 5 minutes).

Fine dust these days.. I'm so stressed out.

Anti-pollution (fine dust removal) product when used in the evening helps skin trouble management by removing waste.

Can I take care of my dry skin safely?

It is a pack that is safe with high moisturizing factors, consistent skin tone-up with oak extract, and 13 kinds of natural and herbal extracts.

Is it okay to use it on my sensitive skin?

It is possible to use truckers, sensitivity, sensitivity, sensitivity, sensitive skin.

When I wake up in the morning, my swelling won't go away..

It helps to remove swelling when using it in the morning.

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