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Cheongsando Yujacheong


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The biggest difference of Cheongsando Yujacheong is that it removes the bitter taste seeds and finely grinds the flesh and peel, and when mixed with water, it becomes citron tea, when spread on bread, it becomes citron jam, when used instead of sugar, it becomes yuja sauce, and when mixed with carbonated water, it becomes yuja ade. It is a useful product.

In addition, because it is finely ground, the existing citron cheong contains citron peel in slices, so the peel remains in half after eating, whereas Cheongsando yuja cheong is a product that can be eaten without any leftovers.


11 benefits of yuzu that are better to know and eat

1. It is good for cold prevention and cold treatment.

Citron tea is very rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so it is good for preventing and treating colds. 

Vitamin C contains 150 mg, which is 10 times that of bananas, twice that of persimmons, and three times that of lemons, and citric acid contains about 4% of citrons. .

 In addition, the limonene component contained in citrons soothes sore throat and relieves coughing. 


2. Helps blood circulation and prevention of high blood pressure

Limonene and pectin contained in citron promote blood circulation.

 The ingredient hesperidin in citron strengthens capillaries, helps prevent cerebrovascular disorders, stabilizes blood pressure, and is effective in preventing high blood pressure.

 In the old pharmaceutical book, Bonchogangmok, it is recorded that it is good for stroke.


3. Fatigue recovery

Citron is rich in citric acid and vitamin C, so it is good for relieving fatigue, promoting appetite, and relieving stress.

 It is a perfect tea for modern office workers who are tired and need to relieve stress, students studying, and students studying. 

In ‘Bonchogangmok’, it is written that “Eating yuzu relieves stuffy energy, clears the mind, and makes the body lighter and prolongs life.” In fact, there is nothing to throw away from the yuzu, from the peel to the seeds. 

Yuzu has more organic acid content than lemon or plum, and is rich in calcium and minerals, so it is effective in relieving fatigue.


4. Rich in Calcium

Citrons contain surprisingly a lot of calcium, and they are said to contain 49mg of calcium, which is 3 times more than kiwifruit and 10 times more than bananas, which is good for the prevention of osteoporosis and the formation of bones in children.


5. Rich in B vitamins that are good for inflammation

Citron is rich in vitamin B1, which is lacking in Koreans whose staple food is rice, and contains more than three times more vitamin B, which is good for preventing beriberi and inflammation, than other fruits such as peaches and sweet persimmons.


6. Good for skin

Yuzu is rich in vitamin C, so it is good for skin care, and pectin is said to be effective in promoting blood circulation and metabolism, and relieving skin itchiness.


7. Good for relieving hangovers.

Citron tea is rich in vitamin C, which is consumed by alcohol metabolism, so it is said to be good for relieving alcohol poisoning and removing bad breath caused by drinking.


8. Indigestion

Citron tea contains a lot of citric acid that gives it a sour taste, so it helps secretion of digestive juices and soothes the stomach due to indigestion.


9. Neuralgia, stroke

Citron tea makes capillaries healthy and promotes blood circulation, so it prevents stroke caused by abnormalities in cerebral blood vessels and has the effect of citron tea, which is good for neuralgia. It is also rich in vitamin C and carotene, which prevent cancer.


10 Arthritis, rheumatism

The efficacy of citron tea is that it helps with arthritis and rheumatism. It is also effective for rheumatism because it helps blood flow and relieves pain.


11. Action to remove odor

Citron wine has long been considered a medicine to treat respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, and cough, or to remove bad odors in the stomach. After washing the citron, cut it into the skin, put it in a bottle, pour soju, seal it, and leave it in a dark and cold place for about two to three months to make citron wine.


Cheongsando Citron Cheong is finely ground yuzu grown in Cheongsando, a clean area in a slow city, except for the seeds. 

If you put it in warm water, it will make citron tea

If you spread it on bread and eat it, it’s citron jam. 

If you use it when cooking food, yuzu sugar

If you eat it with carbonic acid, you get yuzu-ade

It is a food that can be used in many ways.